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The latest MTELPage 2012 has been released. V3.5 (357). This is a minor release to fix a search bug for looking up the client.

In addition the menus have been greatly simplified. The main feature affecting most users has been the loss of the Reload Clients function. This can simply be achieved in the same way by clicking on File in the menus then clicking on the default file. This does exactly the same as Reload Clients.

Note there is now a web search facility. Click on the Search Button on the top of any form and type in a keyword. You will receive a list of all the files that contain the item.



Mount Morgan picocell upgraded to WBB.

Picocell technology documentation is now being added to the website.


MTEL celebrates it first year of service with the NSW Justice Health providing paging services in correctional centre's in New South Wales on its new Wireless Broadband (W2B) paging network.

The systems are low power transmitters providing commercial paging coverage in the immediate area of the correctional centre.

 The systems wall mount and occupy a small volume 300 x 400 x 150 and connect to the normal mains supply.

The main advantages of these systems is they can be conveniently mounted anywhere as they do not require connection to hardwired telecommunications infrastructure or expensive external antenna installations.

Secondary advantages are the W2B are bi-directional permanently on communication links. In the past most wide area paging systems operated on broadcast terrestrial and satellite links and dialed up services such as PSTN, Cellular Circuit Switched, ISDN. The dialed up service is duplex but only for the duration of the call. The W2B instead provides permanent full duplex service with feedback on alarming and performance parameters such as VSWR, RSSI, power supply monitoring, battery charging performance etc. This return path is important as the customer can now be provided with a detailed performance reports on messaging to each site.

These advantages allow MTEL to provide superior paging services to its customers compared to previous technologies.



MTEL visits Meandarra, Tara, Chinchilla and Miles to perform maintenance. Chinchilla was upgraded from PC160 Rev A to PC160 Rev D providing better support for the standard range of PC160 modules. First installed in 1997, Chinchilla was one of the first systems to installed of its type. The larger PC160 is a IP 65 enclosure which proved to be a more workable volume for these systems compared to earlier PC150 model. This model still remains the base for a variety of solutions installed since.



MTEL introduces 2 more Wireless Broadband (W2B) connected picocells for the QFRS. This brings the total to 4 systems in Queensland and 4 in New South Wales.

The W2B systems which are MTEL's fifth generation picocell have now been in operation since September 2011 and have proven to be very successful.

The W2B was introduced to improve speed of response to the picocell as well as providing "Always On" maintenance facilities. Paging messages can be delivered from the MTEL servers in Brisbane to the remote sites in hundreds of milliseconds making it the fastest delivery system available in Australia.

The W2B can be retro-fitted to 3rd and 4th generation picocells replacing or working in parallel with the older connection PSTN and ISDN technologies.

Pictured is the latest picocell technology which is a multi-processor modular card based system of components housed in a 6U rack system and enclosed in a wall mounted IP65 rated enclosure.

The picocell can also be rack mounted in a 3U system for convenient installation in communications racks.



Started the new web interface. This service provides a new face on previous product documentation which was stored as an independent collection of documents. Customers were required to keep URL locations to appropriate web collections.

The new interface provides the standard features common to most web sites. This allows the customer to intuitively find information rather than store URL which change regularly.

Only the E2000 systems and MDS Software have been added to the new site.

MTELPage, CDAT and other software products will be added in the near future.


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