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There are currently three variations of E2000 Paging systems.

The E2000 standard POCSAG encoder is known as a Priority Paging Encoder (PPE). It is a commercial grade encoder capable of delivering 50,000 messages a day. It is designed to connect to a simulcast radio network and will also run across any asynchronous link to dedicated remote transmitters equipped with a MTEL asynchronous to POCSAG converter.

The E2054 is a standalone TCP connected encoder which communicates to transmitters directly or to a simulcast radio network. It is designed for a single customer however it can run at commercial capacity. The main feature of this system is its ability to run in a redundant configuration and has Wireless Broad Band connectivity.

The WBB1000 is a remote small power (5 watts) system. It is designed to send dedicated messages to a single customer. It can run multiple customers though the transmitter has a small duty cycle capacity. Its main feature is it will operate in any location with access to the Telstra 3G network.


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