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MTEL Connect and all paging services operating from MTEL have now been relocated to Cloud services. 1/7/2019

The reason for the move is Telstra have converted the MTEL offices to the NBN. Current Telstra copper based data services operating paging and the MTEL Connect APP will be terminated in October 2019.


This required MTEL to move all its operations to a geographical diverse location before disconnection. Over the last 3 months MTEL has been creating a newer, faster service centre based on Cloud technology.


Currently, MTEL Connect is using the old data servers to point to the new Cloud service for the User Acknowledgement MTEL Connect system. On July 30th this redirection will be cancelled. This means all MTEL Connect users must move to the new service before this date.


This move however, requires all users to re-install the MTEL Connect APP. The APP will find the location of the new Cloud services only on a re-installation.


The APP can be re-installed at any time before or after the cut-off date of the 30th July. After this date the APP will not work until it has been re-installed.


When re-installing the APP, it is recommended that after first deleting the APP the mobile should be turned off. Then turned back on and then download the latest APP. This will ensure there are no old settings in memory on the mobile.


If there are problems getting the APP going again, please contact Mike Coyer. Mobile contact number is available via the Communications Centres.












































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