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The satellite Gateway device is a 19 inch rack mount dedicated processor system which takes the feed from the Optus satellite receiver and decodes the protocol into ASCII format suitable for monitoring the message content by external systems using the TCP interface.

The gateway also provides a data stream back into the MTEL networks via a wireless broadband modem on the Telstra corporate network. The diagram below depicts the subsystems for the gateway.



The gateway normally runs unattended and requires UPS power for reliable operation. The configuration information is stored in Flash memory however the clock time is volatile. The clock should be set after any power cycle. Once set the system should then be soft reset so the real time clock can set the start-up date and time.

The satellite port is a serial port fixed at 9600 bps and the monitoring port is a TCP port capable of 10 or 100 Mps.

The hardware is a revamped CNET Gateway. The CNET did virtually all the functions of the satellite receiver and decoder. The output was modified to talk to a WBB modem.



The TCP port is shown below. It is labelled LAN Diagnostic port. Do not use a cross over cable on this port as the hardware is unable to detect it.


The Satellite port is shown below. It is on the left and is labelled RJ45 Serial Data PPE Input Port.








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