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The M2MPaging PC2070 is a new MTEL product which combines E2000 MTEL technology and WBB (wireless broad band) PC2060 MTEL technology to produce a single board paging solution.

The board can directly modulate a transmitter using standard PTT and POCSAG 2 level data at baud rates of 512, 1200 and 2400.

The board has been specifically tailored to the Netcomm MachineLink 3G and Maxon Intelimax M2M modems. However the board can communicate to any TCP or serial device capable of sending standard TNPP or PET paging packets.

The output connectors have also been tailored to connect to Motorola PURC 5000 paging stations via the standard internal ribbon cable J2590 and wildcard connection J1302.


M2MPaging General Operation

The diagram below is a block diagram of the single board system. The PC2070 Queuing structure, TMP packet processing and POCSAG generation have been taken from the MTEL PC2060 and combined it with the E2005 Encoder.

The E2005 creates the synchronous data stream from the POCSAG buffers and creates the timing for the start and end of batches for multiple message transmissions. It creates a very stable synchronous clock producing minimal jitter necessary for batches of messages greater than 30 seconds.

The queuing structure is capable of storing 50 messages at 512 baud and 1200 baud separately. The POCSAG generator and queuing structure are capable of delivering commercial grade performance equivalent to 25,000 messages a day.

The TMP processing will also determine the frequency of operation and set the channel control for the appropriate paging on the correct frequency where the transmitter can operate on different frequencies.

The TCP connection uses a standard XP100 Lantronics TCP to serial server to interface to one of two serial ports on the PC2070. The PC2070 therefore can run on wired as well as wireless TCP systems.



M2MPaging Auxiliary Functions

The PC2070 can operate as a standalone product using standard TMP packets. However to use the additional functionality and maintain the M2M link integrity the PC2070 communicates to a M2MPaging Gateway. The Gateway can monitor the link and report supervisory information via email, SMS and Paging.



The PC2070 has additional functionality and includes alarm inputs and additional serial port for relaying external serial devices down the M2M link.

The diagram below shows the PC2070 modified for the Vodaphone solution where the additional serial port connects to a WiPath Paging decoder with dual relay output alarms. In addition it takes a Wired OR relay output from the PURC5000 for transmitter alarming. The PC2070 encapsulates the serial data from the WiPath decoder and relays it down the M2M link. It also monitors the relay outputs from the relay and creates embedded packets back to the M2M link which is terminated by the MTEL M2M Gateway.



PC2070 Functionality

The diagram below indicates the internal structure of the PC2070.

The central processing unit is a ZWorld RCM3200 module. It contains the firmware running all the PC2070 functions.

The ZWorld maintains the communication to all 3 serial ports including packet encapsulation for Port C. Ports B and D are the TMP processing ports. It also polls the 3 relay inputs and reports the state of these devices in a single transmission back to the gateway.

The power to the CPU, Lantronix, Netcomm and WiPath decoder are controlled by a simple activity detector. The activity detector monitors communications on the Port B and lack of data will engage the watchdog to power down all the devices.




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