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This is the latest service offering from MTEL embracing wireless technology at its best.

MTEL is proud to introduce a transformation in the way the emergency services communicates with personnel in the field.

Prior to MTEL Connect Auxiliary Fireman carried pagers as the primary form of personal contact with the Communications Centres throughout Queensland. This latest service will continue to use the MTEL Pager network however it will also incorporate the mobile phone as the acknowledgement device to indicate the receipt and availability of the fireman.

How it works:

  • The Comms Centres generate a notification to the fireman group.
  • The MTEL network receives the notification and sends a pager message to the WBB enabled picocells.
  • The picocell transmits the message to the auxiliary fireman.
  • The fireman on receipt of the pager message use their mobile and MTEL Connect APP to indicate their response capability to the notification.
  • The MTEL Servers collect the acknowledgements and pass them to the Communications Centres


What are the advantages:

For the first time a full acknowledgement system for each auxiliary fireman is available within single seconds of a notification. This is a major reduction in time for the acknowledgement for the communications centres as prior to this the acknowledgement was when the fireman arrived at the station to call the Comms centre.

Fireman could of course rang in on their mobiles however these are privately owned and the personal cost was unattractive. In addition the Comms centre did not wish to receive 10 phone calls from fireman announcing the acknowledgment of the notification, thereby consuming valuable resources.


When is the service available:

The service will go on trial in February 2016 with auxiliary groups invited to join a beta testing environment.

How is the service activated:

The MTEL Connect APP is available on iOS and Android devices. This covers over 90% of all mobile users.


See the APP privacy statements:

The MTEL Connect APP conforms to all the standards set by Apple and Google for the protection of privacy. Go here to see our privacy policy and here for our terms and conditions for the use of MTEL Connect.



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